Square in Frýdlant

The goal of the proposal for the reconstruction of Frýdlant Square was to return the main public space of the city to its original function. The square is supposed to be a place for free meetings of the city’s residents with the possibility of various social activities. By using different types of paving stones and types of stones, parts with different functions were marked out in the area of the square. The central part of the square, with an area paved in the exact shape of a rectangle, is left completely free except for the fountain with the statue of Albrecht of Wallenstein. The fountain takes the form of a shallow stone bowl with water overflowing over its edge. A preserved bronze statue from 1914 stands on a separate pedestal outside the fountain. Together with the new fountain, the square is dominant.

The vestibule in front of the town hall is a representative part of the square with a magnificent facade in the background and flanked by flags on the side. At the opposite end of the square is a lounge area with trees and benches.

The reconstruction of the square was awarded the Czech Architecture Prize in 2016.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Jiří Janďourek
Place: Frýdlant
Implementation: 2011
Investor: City of Frýdlant