Orangery in the castle park

The cultivation of foreign plants in the castle orangeries was important, but secondary. Orangeries were primarily a place for social gatherings and self-presentation. They showed the social status and mobility of their owner. This resulted in buildings that were purposeful and technically advanced, but also architecturally lofty and representative.

The orangery, which is part of the grounds of the castle in Zahrádky, has not been used for many years. The owner’s intention is to make the entire area accessible to the public. The orangery should become the starting point where visitors can find basic information about the castle, the garden, and the owner of Charles University. An attractive building is offered for this purpose, as it can contain other representative spaces for cultural and social events.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Daniela Kvapilová, Lucie Staňková

Location: Zahrádky

Project: 2021

Investor: Charles University