Small family house on a slope

The design of the shape and interior layout of the family house was determined by the terrain relief and the unfavorable orientation of the plot. The simple volume of the house cuts into the steep northern slope. The location of the house in the field allows access to both floors directly from ground level. On the upper level of the house is the main living room with a kitchen and dining room. In front of a large window with a door is a small terrace with a south orientation. On the lower level of the house, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The structural solution of the individual floors of the house is different. The lower part of the house is made of ceramic blocks, and the upper part is designed as a wooden construction of the “two by four” system.

The entire house is lined with vertical larch veneer without surface treatment

Team: Vladimír Balda
Place: Liberec
Implementation: 2007
Investor: Private person