Revitalization of the cemetery

A small village cemetery in central Bohemia with a baroque chapel is frequently used, but insufficient maintenance caused its neglected state.

The revitalization study proposes a total repair except for the chapel – which is not owned by the municipality. The entrance to the cemetery will be equipped with a new forged iron gate. The central path from the entrance gate to the Baroque chapel will also be repaired. The morgue, unused for many years, will be reconstructed into a columbarium. A lapidary is designed for the placement of artistically valuable tombstones from graves that are no longer cared for in an open area in the corner of the cemetery.

The proposed interventions do not drastically change the cemetery, but after its repair, it could be a more dignified resting place for our ancestors.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Michaela Maštrlová, Lucie Staňková

Place: Osenice

Project: 2022

Investor: Dětenice municipality

Landscape architect: Studio zeleno – Lucie Baldová, Kristýna Gotvaldová