Restoration of the garden

In 1926, the grounds of the Jedlička Institute in Liberec were expanded by the purchase of neighboring land. A garden was built according to a well-thought-out plan on the new plots of land on the slopes of the Ruprechtický stream valley. After 1945, unfortunately, it was no longer maintained, and the pedestrian paths and the small lake with a water fountain gradually disappeared.

The repair project respects the original layout of the garden and the proposed extension follows the original plan of the garden. The walking paths and the lake in the lower part of the garden will be restored. The new paths will make even previously inaccessible parts of the garden accessible. It will connect the upper level of the institute campus with the stream valley.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Lucie Baldová, Matyáš Kytka, Lucie Staňková

Place: Liberec

Project: 2021

Investor: Jedlička Institute in Liberec