One-story house with a sunshade

The one-story house is located in a continuous development of family houses in a village close to an important industrial city. The orientation and shape of the plot determined the proposal in the form of a simple floor plan with a living room oriented to the garden and to the south. Other rooms are located in the northern half of the house with windows facing the street. The shape of the roof, combining a counter and flat roof, enables natural lighting of the window in the central part of the house. The flat roof running along the entire length of the south facade protects when staying on the terrace and at the same time acts as a sunblock for the living rooms. Structurally, the house is designed as a wooden building in the “two by four” system. The cladding on the facade is made of larch boards.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Lucie Baldová
Place: Bradlec
Implementation: 2012
Investor: Private person