Koruna Municipal House and new trailer

Only one part of the former inn in Bílí Potok remains. The Koruna Inn (Zum Krone) originally consisted of three connected buildings located along the main road. The first was a wooden romantic veranda, the middle one was its inn, and the group ended with a social hall. In 1996, the inn burned down and operation was never resumed. The building fell into disrepair and the veranda and the inn were gradually demolished. The proposal represents the use of a single preserved building for the function of a municipal building. On the ground floor of the building a hall, a municipal library, and a commercial establishment are proposed. The upstairs hall will be restored to its original size. In the attic, clubhouses are designed for association activities. A new extension with stairs and an elevator is used to access the floors. Toilets for visitors and employees are located in the annex. The extension has a load-bearing structure made of concrete, and the glazed surfaces of the facade have a wooden frame structure with glass infill. A new semi-trailer will be built on the vacant areas after the demolished buildings, which are still missing in the village.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Matyáš Kytka
Place: Bíly Potok
Project: 2019
Investor: Bílý Potok municipality