Square in Česká Lípa

Škroupovo náměstí is the second most important public space in the urban structure of Česká Lípa. It was not supposed to compete with or duplicate some of the functions of the main square of T.G.M. The role of Škroup Square may consist in expanding the offer of public spaces.

The proposal for a new form of the square tries to create a high-quality public space that meets the needs of the city’s current and future residents. At the same time, he wants to non-violently recall the historical forms and functions of this very important space for the city.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Lucie Baldová, Jakub Hlaváč (UNIONARCH), Matyáš Kytka

Location: Česká Lípa

Project: 2020

Investor: City of Česká Lípa