Doctoral Study Laboratories

The campus of the Technical University in Liberec is located in a built-up part of the city with limited possibilities for further growth. For its further development, the university must therefore look for capacity within the campus. The existing buildings are modified and rebuilt according to the current requirements and needs of the school. A new laboratory for doctoral students of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture (FUA) was also created by the reconstruction of the existing building.

The building with the new laboratories is more than any other connected with the history of Liberec universities. It was built together with the canteen as one of three blocks of dormitories to accommodate the growing number of students. The University of Mechanical and Textile Engineering in Liberec was founded in 1953, and the dormitories were one of the first buildings that were built for the needs of the new school. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, other faculties began to emerge at the university, and space for teaching began to become scarce again. One of the possibilities for obtaining new premises was the reconstruction of the existing dormitories. Cancellation of accommodation availability of new student dormitories in another part of the city. The canteen was also thoroughly renovated, which was supplemented with a spacious studio for students of the new Faculty of Architecture.

Along with the opening of a new study program at the Faculty of Art and Architecture, the need for additional space grew for the faculty. The last floor in the block of the original dormitories was chosen for the doctoral laboratories. The floor has a sufficient size and a good connection to other areas of the faculty.

New laboratories using the top floor of the building. At opposite ends of the building, there are two connected workshops and a common workplace for students. The middle part is reserved for the necessary background and common entrance to the laboratories. During the reconstruction, the original wooden roof was replaced by a steel structure. The roof ends with a new skylight running along the entire length of the roof.

Due to fire safety, the steel structure could not be more exposed in the interior and remains only partially visible in the interior. Installation distributions for machines and equipment are suspended on the horizontal rods of the structure.

The modular system of electricity and compressed air allows the distribution of distribution to change over time. Photovoltaic panels will be newly installed on the southern roofs.

Team: Vladimír Balda
Place: Liberec
Implementation: 2023 Investor: Technical University of Liberec