Cinema interior

The cinema in Hejnice was created by converting an agricultural building into a screening hall. The simple building consists of a hall with an entrance hall and facilities. The cinema hall has been preserved in its original form with the exception of the seats, which were recently replaced with new ones.

The aim of the interior reconstruction is to improve the appearance of the hall and its acoustic properties. The stepped floor of the auditorium will be rebuilt to accommodate the changed number of seats after the replacement of seats. There is an acoustic cladding with a square grid designed on the walls. The different color of the squares will create a mosaic depicting the panorama of the mountains. The color of the mosaic is muted so as not to distract the audience in the hall.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Lucie Baldová

Place: Hejnice

Project: 2021

Investor: City of Hejnice