Cottage in a gardening colony

The design of a small cottage in a gardening colony presents a challenge to use the available space as efficiently as possible. The land regulation prescribes a built-up area of up to 25m2 and 100m3 is the maximum built-up area of a new building. The building, covered with a slatted roof and with a prominently protruding terrace, is set on a steep slope. In the only connected interior space, there is a main living room with a kitchenette and a bedroom located on the gallery. The terrace structure is suspended so that it does not have to be included in the built-up area of the building. Basement spaces are reserved for storage and technical equipment. The cottage is intended to create a background for its residents during their stay in the garden with the possibility of an occasional overnight stay.

Team: Vladimír Balda, Filip Cerha

Place: Liberec

Project: 2018

Investor: Private person